Housekeeping Manager at Golden Sands Hotel Creek Dubai United Arab Emirates

Duties & Responsibilities:
•Oversee and coordinate all team members ensuring guests receive prompt and courteous service and all areas of the operation are running as per resort standard procedures and policies.
•Responsible for departmental manning.
•To champion daily concept call requests, maintenance job order, etc to make sure there is no discrepancy or late close out.
•To assist in documentation of projects such Departmental Meeting, Trainings.
•To liaise closely with Front Office and Engineering with regards to the Preventive Maintenance Program and Pest Control
•Responsible for a smooth handover from day to evening shift and to liaise with Front Office regarding late check outs that will impact the midnight turnover.
•To assist Evening Supervisor in developing room attendant’s improvement of quality in room cleaning and to develop excellent customer awareness skills.
•Responsible for linking the HK and Front Office coordinators to ensure daily delivery of room turnover is completely linked with FO guest arrival patterns.
•To liaise with the Duty Manager for VIP arrivals to ensure the room is prioritized.
•To champion the daily measurement tools for productivity, Time and Motion, etc. ensuring there is no redundancy of duties.
•Carry out inspections of all areas daily.
•Coordinate and manages extra cleaning and special task schedules, ensuring all rooms and floor areas as per hotel standards.
•Monitors and reports to the Rooms Division Manager regarding the upkeep of furnishings, facilities, and equipment.
•Carries out good communication with team members ensuring performance is effectively managed.
•Ensures all team members are attending to duty in proper uniform, on time and well groomed.
•Holds daily briefings with the team ensuring they have the correct and updated information in order to carry out their duties effectively.
•Identifies and ensures highest possible standard of cleanliness and maintenance of guest rooms and corridors.
•Oversees and monitors usage of guest room supplies and amenities are at a realistic cost.
•Ensures and oversees any outside contractors are working as per contract and hotel standards at all times.
•Oversees and controls that Housekeeping procedures are kept updated and in accordance with health and safety policies for personnel and guests.
•Prepares all scheduling of the team as per hotel requirements.
•Prepares all vacation schedules as per hotel requirements.
•Ensures all team members and supervisors are trained and introduced to their duties as per hotel standards and policies.
•Briefs and ensures that daily information is communicated and kept updated on coordination boards, and all team members are receiving the correct and updated information.
•Ensures all guest requirements are adhered to as per hotel standards.
•Ensures training needs within the department is monitored, analyzed and executed as per hotel standards.
•Oversees and carries out training for supervisors and team members when required.
•Is fully trained on resort emergency procedures and first aid as per hotel standards.
•Coaches, counsels and disciplines staff, providing constructive feedback to enhance performance.
•Has required training of resort PMS system in order to carry out duties efficiently and as per hotel standards.
•Is flexible in working hours and scheduling as per hotel requirements.
•Carries out any other job related duties as requested by the hotel.
•To complete all projects pertaining to the achievement of Goals and Objectives.
•Ensures the expenses do not exceed the budget.
•Is responsible for the following years budget.

Skills Required:
•Strong leadership & Time Management skills.
•Budgeting skills to do the budget, to minimize cost within the budget.
•Innovative planning.
•Eye for detail.
•Opera, word, excel & power point.
•Knowledge of all guest and cleaning supplies.
•Good knowledge of machinery.

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