Housekeeping Attendant at Millennium Central Downtown LLC Dubai, United Arab Emirates

1. Consistently offer professional, friendly and engaging service
2. Clean all assigned guestrooms including: dusting, making beds, soiled linen removal from rooms, and retrieval of clean linen from linen closets, vacuuming, bathroom cleaning, inside window cleaning, replenish rooms with supplies
3. Sign in and out master keys daily
4. To make room checks and fill room reports
5. Restock and maintain trolley on daily basis
6. Dispose of waste accordingly
7. Maintain proper usage of cleaning supplies and equipment
8. Update and record all cleaned rooms
9. Return and properly tag all lost and found articles in the Housekeeping Office
10. Follow departmental policies and procedures and service standards
11. Report necessary maintenance items
12. Follow all safety and sanitation policies
13. Other duties as assigned, to be able to perform any additional scope of duties if requested by the Manager.
14. To attend the mandatory External and Internal training and follow the company training policy.

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